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Classes Overview


Explore Our Classes

At Chelsea Piers Fitness, we pride ourselves on giving our members the quality and experience of an expert boutique class in a large gym setting. Our unique programming allows members to benefit from multiple modalities and cross-training opportunities, each provided by the best instructors across New York and Connecticut.


Strength + HIIT

Transform yourself with full-body conditioning workouts that are all about power and performance. Increase endurance, build strength and achieve your performance goals.


Indoor Cycling

Chelsea Piers Breakaway is our signature cycling program. We will help push you to perform at your peak in our exciting, high energy classes.


Yoga | Pilates | Barre

Evolve, revive and relax with yoga, Pilates and barre at Chelsea Piers Fitness. Step into our beautiful studio spaces and experience classes that inspire and motivate.

Branch Out

Specialty Classes + Sports

We're not an ordinary gym. You'll find classes in each of our clubs that reflect the uniqueness of our members, including everything from dance and Tai Chi to rock climbing and volleyball.

Dive In

Swimming + Pool

Whether you're new to swimming or a seasoned pro, there's something on our schedule for everyone.



Designed to improve strength and flexibility with low-impact movements, these classes are perfect for senior members looking for a great workout designed with you in mind.

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